SystemVerilog Array of Interfaces

// Viewing Array of interfaces in waveform viewer(dve)

// Notes added inline in the below example

interface my_if(input clk);
logic [31:0] addr;
logic [31:0] data;

module dut(input xx, my_if i[1:0], output o, my_if ii);
assign o = xx ? i[0].data :;

module tb;

bit o;
bit clk;

// Array of interface
// Visible where the actual instance is present
// interface signals can’t be seen as arguments of dut
// Visible under ‘tb’, NOT under ‘dut’
my_if i[1:0](clk);

// interface instance – not an array
// Visible under ‘tb’, as well as under ‘dut’
my_if ii(clk);

dut dut(.xx(1’b1), .i (i[1:0]) , .o, .ii);

initial forever #5 clk++;

initial begin
i[0].addr = 10;
i[0].data = ‘hff;
i[1].addr = 20;
i[1].data = ‘haa; = 0;
i[0].addr = 110;
i[0].data = ‘h1ff;
i[1].addr = 120;
i[1].data = ‘h1aa; = 1;
#100 $finish;

// Waveform dumping for VCS
// Change this for other simulators
initial begin


// Screenshot on waveform viewer (dve)


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