Many-ism of System of Government


Democracy: Head of Government is elected by citizen’s votes.
Dictatorship: No voting rights. Corrupt voting mechanism in Democracy leads to Dictatorship.

Political Spectrum based on Economic Policy.
Left – Communism. Middle – Socialism. Right – Capitalism.

Capitalism: Open Competition in business.
Socialism: Government controls business by regulating competition.
Communism: Government owns everything. No Competition – No Rewards. No Crime – No Punishments.

Nationalism: To have a strong feeling for own nation. It promotes Secularism – Nation is valued above Class.
Communism is one step above Nationalism. It is about internationalism. Everyone belong to one universal family.
Liberals: Promote International open competition in business. Opposite to Communists in economic policy. But think Global instead of National.
Conservatives: Think Narrow. Protect minorities. Support Socialism.

Nazism: Nationalism + Socialism + Dictatorship.
Fascism: Nationalism + Dictatorship. Capitalism, Socialism, Liberals, Conservatives all can co-exist. Dictator can change economic policy based on need/context. The system has been misunderstood due to Mussolini(In Picture) and Hitler’s Evil Dictatorships.

Communism is the most ideal system. Corrupt dictator spoils the noble idea.
Democracy is close to ideal human-right system. As opposed to dictatorship, a ‘majority’ making wrong choice can spoil the idea.
Socialism is a practical economic policy. Also protects minority. Can exist under dictator or democracy. Every form of Government is becoming socialist to some extent.
Nascism/Fascism can be practical systems if the evils of Dictatorship can be eliminated.


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