Creativity can be taught

Everyone can be creative knowing these tools/tips.

pdf Creativity Tools


Creativity can be taught.

Anyone can create and innovate.

Creativity is about generating new ideas.

Innovation is about implementing them.

Brainstorming: Generate ideas without constraints. Evaluate them later.

Mindmap:  Utilize memory / association power of brain. Instantly find related words on any topic. Use the 5W and 1H questions for getting started.


Tools for generating new ideas:

Juxtaposition: Bring two things together – Related or Unrelated – Natural or forced – Conscious or Random

Out-of-the-box: Think out of boundary / assumption / logic / usefulness

Change: Shape / Size / Color / Approach / Order / Perspective / Entry-point / Application-area

Reverse / Eliminate / Separate / Copy / Combine: Function / Logic

More Verbs for ideas generation: Remember the basic operators and the 6 universal questions (5W and 1H).


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