C++ string, wstring conversion functions

Download here. string-wstring-conversion-functions

// Filename    : string_wstring.cpp
// Author      : A.G.Raja
// License     : GPL
// Website     : https://agraja.wordpress.com

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

string wstring2string(wstring wstr) {
string str(wstr.length(),’ ‘);
return str;

wstring string2wstring(string str) {
wstring wstr(str.length(),L’ ‘);
return wstr;

int main() {
wstring wstr = string2wstring(“raja”);
string str = wstring2string(wstr);

Download here. string-wstring-conversion-functions


4 thoughts on “C++ string, wstring conversion functions

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  3. Hi, thats OK for words in english, but in spanish don’t. Try to convert: documentación, gané, or other word with á, é, í, ó or ú.


  4. Of course, you’ll abuse *your* privilege to refuse my comment, nevertheless I have rigth to convey the truth: this is just a crap in all aspects.

    Do meditate on the following –

    // this stuff is Public Domain 😀
    std::wstring string2wstring(std::string & str) {
    return std::wstring(str.begin(),str.end());

    Though this does NO conversion (like yours) but at last with no overhead 😉

    Nothing personal, I’m able to code even worse, but taking care no one can watch it. Please do not confuse teaching and learning.

    WBR, Serge.

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