Perl Script to Indent Verilog Files

Here’s a perl script to indent verilog files.

Download here. vindent.pdf

Add your own list of keywords to indent any source code

For example, this script could be used to indent C/C++/Java source codes.

This script uses two spaces for each indent.  This could be changed as required.

# Filename    :
# Author      : A.G.Raja
# Website     :
# Usage       : ./ verilogfile.v
#             : ./ *.*v*
# Help        : ./

# Verilog File indenter

# Space for each indent
my $Space = ”  “;

# Block begin.  For indenting C/C++/Java program use “{”
my $Open = “begin”;
# Block end.  For indenting C/C++/Java program use “}”
my $Close = “end”;

# Block statements.
# Note: Each Open keyword must have corresponding Close keyword
my @Openkeywords = qw{ module program package interface class task function };
my @Closekeywords = qw{ endmodule endprogram endpackage endinterface endclass endtask endfunction };

sub indent {
my $indent = 0;
my($infile) = @_;
open(FILE, “$infile”) or die “Couldn’t open file \”$infile\”\n”;
open(TFILE, “>temp”) or die “Couldn’t create temp file\n”;

while($line = <FILE>) {
chomp $line;
$line =~ s/^\s*//;
print TFILE “$line \n”;
close TFILE;
close FILE;
open(TFILE, “<temp”);
open(FILE, “>$infile”);

while($line = <TFILE>) {
foreach $Closekey (@Closekeywords) {
if($line =~ /^$Closekey\s/) { $indent–; }
if (($line =~ /.*\s+$Close\s/ ) || ($line =~ /^$Close\s/))
{ $indent–; }
for($i=0;$i<$indent;$i++) { print FILE $Space; }
print FILE $line;
foreach $Openkey (@Openkeywords) {
if($line =~ /^$Openkey\s/) { $indent++; }
if (($line =~ /.*\s+$Open\s/ )|| ($line =~ /^$Open\s/))
{ $indent++; }
close FILE; close TFILE;
print “Indented File \”$infile\”\n”;

my $argnum;
if($ARGV[0] eq “”) {
print “Usage : verilogfile.v\n”;
print ” *.v\n”;
print ” *.*v*\n”;
print “Help  :\n”;
print ”\n”;
foreach $argnum (0 .. $#ARGV) {
my $ifile = $ARGV[$argnum];
unlink “temp”;
Download here. vindent.pdf


7 thoughts on “Perl Script to Indent Verilog Files

  1. @ppl_who_commented : It works perfectly. blame WordPress for making “$indent–” as “$indent–”. common sense guys!

    @the_author : Thanks a LOT! seriously no other script which claimed to indent verilog files was easier for me to use!

  2. Cut and paste from here or the pdf causes the $indent decrement to be wrong. Just make it $indent– (thats two minus signs in a row) in your copy of the perl script. Then the perl script works great.

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