C Find Replace Program

Download here. string_replace.pdf

// Filename : string_replace.c

// Author : A.G.Raja

// Website : agraja.wordpress.com

// License : GPL

#include <stdio.h>



char* string_replace(unsigned char *from, char *find, char *replace)


const char *p;

char *q, *to;

int i,d, match;



for(p = from, q = to; *p != ”; p++)


// find logic



if (*(p+d) == *(find+d)) match=1;

else match =0;


// replace logic

if (match)






q=q+i; p=p+d-1;


else // copy unchanged chars

{ *q=*p; q++; }


} *q = ”;

return to;












// Test code

int main()


unsigned char *str = “this is original text” ;

char f[]=”original”;

char r[]=”new”;

unsigned char *str2;




return 0;



Download here. string_replace.pdf


See the following pages for char replace, trim spaces

char replace

trim spaces


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